With leagues of fans across Japan, Konjac is fast becoming a Western lifestyle staple too, particularly in New York where they consume the giant root plant in the form of tiny - three calories per 100g - noodles. Used as a dietary supplement, the plant's Glucomannan fiber absorbs up to 100 times its water volume, encouraging a natural digestive system detox while suppressing excess hunger. The ultra-trendy substance has even made its way into New Yorkers' bathrooms,  as an all-natural soft-touch alkaline sponge which is also biodegradable. Use it to exfoliate, cleanse and remove your make-up, all while respecting your skin's ecosystem. Simply one-of-a-kind.

Whether it's to slim down or to maintain your skin, a new health and beauty tool is making the rounds amongst the trendiest New Yorkers.


By Carole Sabas, translated by Ciara Quinn the 02 December